Welcome to the Geelong Soccer and Sports Club.

We have a distinguished history,  strong membership and located in the north western suburbs of Geelong. We welcome all players to our club. 2016 see’s the club in a favorable position with over 180 registered juniors, Senior Womens team and a Sunday league team. We have 15 small sided teams, including boys and girls as well as 6 youth teams. The club has approval for construction of new club rooms scheduled to begin in July 2016. There are additional plans to obtain another playing field, bring it up to 3 quality pitches to help develop our club for a prosperous future.

The club also has FFV pro accredited coaches with 4 officially accredited and a further 4 in the process of submitting their assessment to obtain official accreditation. We also have a successful partnership with key sponsors which without them, would not be in the healthy position that we are in and we continue to support all our sponsors.

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Champions Round 21 vs Corio SC 3/09/2016