Club Policies

Club Policies

Club Policies

As part of GSC, the Board does our best to ensure that the club is prepared to react appropriately to a range of different incidents. Having club policies is an important part of this process.
We have a range of different policies in place at the club which has lots of benefits.

  • It’s a great way to set clear expectations for our members and guests.
  • Creating a policy will prepare our club to react appropriately to any incidents.
  • Our policies will reduce our club’s liability should an incident occur.
  • Having policies sends a clear message that we care about the safety of our club members and guests.
  • Helps to uphold the reputation of our club, including club sponsors and partners.

Below are the policies which we have implemented within the club:

Code of Behaviour

Smoking Policy

Social Media Policy

Child Safety Policy and Code of Conduct

Anti-Bullying Policy

Anti-Racism Policy

Drug and Alcohol Policy

SunSmart Policy

Hall Hire Policy

Our Major Sponsors