VSF Men Reserves – GeelongSC 1-1 Melbounre Uni

It’s great to see the Reserve’s continuing their recent unbeaten run but in essence, this was a game that probably should have been a win.  The first half saw Geelong dominating possession and creating a series of chances and worrying moments for the Melbourne Uni defence.  Melbourne survived a glorious  goal scoring opportunity when Alex Ilioski had his shot scrambled to safety from a pull back with the keeper beaten.  Geelong opened the scoring after 20 minutes when Michael Temelkovski, with strong second and third efforts made a shooting opportunity for himself from inside the box.

More chances followed and a Temelkovski free kick went millimetres over the crossbar with everyone beaten.  Alberto Lopez was reintroduced to the starting line up and was busy on the right side of mid-field.  On the left flank we welcomed back Shane Zordon for his first game for the club after a two year mini retirement from the game.    At half  time coach Peter Stojanovski  replaced Alex Stevanovic with Chris Balaburova, who was having his first competitive run since last year’s season ending knee injury, and brought on the fresh legs of Paul Edebohls, replacing Alex Ilioski.


Geelong used a three man central mid-field consisting of Nick Bosevski, Shiva Kanapathy and Balaburova.  The second half was similar to the first in terms of chances and robably the best chance fell to Paul Edebohls when he chested down a cross and thundered a volley just over the cross bar.  Some wise soccer folks say that if you don’t take your chances, you will get punished and that’s exactly what happened.  Melbourne Uni equalised with a late header to snatch an unlikely draw.


Positives to come of  this game included:

  • Young Sean Finn looked commanding and secure in goals.
  • Five players aged 17 or younger were in the starting line up. (Finn, Lopez, Fanraatree, Kanapathy and Temelkovski)
  • Chris Balaburova got through the game unscathed.
  • Shane Zordon showed some of the touches and efforts that made him a first team regular two years ago.