Sunday Mens Team wins @ Corio

Last weekend our team brushed aside 2nd placed Corio 3-1.

Our boys cashed-in on a first half wind advantage, quickly racking up 3 goals.

Steve G scored the first goal from the penalty spot after Deni got fouled inside the box. Steve G bamboozled the Corio keeper with his penalty take, he gave their keeper the two hard looks to the right of goal before placing his shot to the left, their keeper fell for it moving to the right.

Aco scored the second goal with a direct free-kick from 20  meters out. Deni again earned the foul and Aco fired the resulting kick into the left low corner of goal.

Dylan scored our final goal, a classy striker’s header from the back post. He got onto a cross from Aco.

The second half showcased our team’s defensive qualities. Alec, Steve G, Pauli, Koore, Sam and Zoki were all outstanding defensively, repelling numerious Corio offensive raids. Corio scored a late consolation goal but they were never a threat of winning the match.

Best players were; Boga, Aco, Shiva, and Steve G.

Tomorrow we play Breakwater @ home.