SSF NthHub Fixture – Round4 @ Kardinia

Here is the Round4 fixture – Sunday May 24th at Kardinia College, Ballarat Road

below is email from S Siketa;

Hello all- here is the Finalised fixture for Round 4- a few changes requested and have been made-if there is a major error please let me know asap but it should be correct.

You will notice every game has a finish time stated and that this is “Not Negotiable”- they must stick to the gazetted finish time.
Too many games are not starting on time and this puts pressure on the next teams to start their game on time- please ensure your coaches know match finish times must be adhered to even if that means your match time is shortened because your team or your opponent aren’t ready to start on time. PUNCTUALITY is BASIC COURTESY

Please also keep reminding coaches that the Play Out zone needs to be used to ensure defending teams gets the ball out of their defending zone adequately.

Stephen Siketa mobile 0413590823
Senior Science / Mathematics
Soccer Co-ordinator