Open Women Lose 2-6


With only 9 players, GeelongSC’s determination was not enough to fend off a full strength Surfcoast at Connewarre at the weekend. Fielding 6 under 16 players that had just finished their game at Stead Park, the girls darted off to represent the Open Women. Even though there were some doughtful decisions made by the referee, that was supplied by Surfcoast, Geelong went into the break 2-3 down.

Fatigue began to set in during the second half enabling Surfcoast to capitalize on our lack of players. Injured striker Nicole, who had to step-up as fill-in keeper, displayed superb ball handling skills. She was ambly supported by the ever reliable Pakize and Amber who denied Surfcoast of many scoring chances.

Once again Millie was our driving force finishing with 2 goals.