GeelongSC Women in 8-2 Win!

 (from FFV site)

Geelong played a classy game against the Bellerine Sharks at Stead Park. This was always going to be a tough encounter for the newly promoted Sharks. At half time it was 6-1 in favour of Geelong, but mention must be made of the Sharks “Never say die” attitude, as they showed tremendous character to try to hold Geelong down. The final score was 8-2 to Geelong. Best players for Geelong were Angela Nicolovski ,Kate Hollingworth and Nicole Marretta. The goals were shared around well between Millie Lizworth, Nicole Marretta ,Kate Hollingworth and Sarah Moet. The highlight of the game for Geelong was that the sheer team work involving passing and moving the ball which resulted in their huge haul of goals for the day.