An under-manned Geelong team once again headed into a torrid encounter that tested their ability to succeed. With only 10 players to commence the game we were able to assert our dominance from the onset. Through precise team play Sarah was able to slot in an open range shot that left the keeper groundless. With Jaymie`s attacking and her persistence on the left side she was able to set up Sumyera to score our second goal of the half.

With Steph and Angela controlling the midfield we were able to create countless opportunities but once again we couldn`t convert all our shots. With the “SISTER COMBO” of Danni & Antonia and supported by Amy in defence all attacks were repelled and converted into scoring opportunities for Geelong. A “BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM” goal by Steph virtually sealed the afternoon for Geelong. Yet Geelong were not done for the afternoon with Nicole ensuring the result by slotting our 4th goal late in the game to put Geelong 4-0 at the final whistle.