2010 Macedonian Cup

Macedonian Cup 2010

“Bringing the Macedonian Community together”

9.30 am to 7.20pm

13th February and 14Th February 2010


On December 22nd 2009 the Macedonian Clubs of Victoria met and agreed to resurrect the annual tournament of Macedonian Clubs.

The tournament aims to bring together all the Macedonian Clubs to build a better cohesion between our clubs, so we can continue to work collectively towards building and uniting our community and the continued success and support of our clubs.

The motto for this year’s cup will be “Bringing the Macedonian Community together”

A representative committee of all Macedonian Clubs has been formed and will be responsible for managing the tournaments. The tournament will be an annual event and the hosting of the tournament will be rotated amongst all the clubs. The Host Club is responsible for organising the running of the tournament on the day in accordance to the rules, policies and guidelines agreed by all clubs.

The 2010 tournament will be hosted by Altona Magic and will be played on the Saturday 13th February and the finals will be played on Sunday 14th February.

The host for 2011 will be via a ballet drawn after the grand final.

The Macedonian Cup will have three competitions that clubs can compete for.

  1. The Senior Men’s- The Premier event of the Tournament.
  2. Reserves- To involve and encourage the younger boys in the community.
  3. Open Women’s- To encourage and involve the women’s teams as a part of our community.

The participating teams will be divided into two groups who will play a round robin with the top two teams of each group playing off in the finals.

The Competing clubs will be Altona Magic (Vardar SC), Geelong (Makedonija SC), Keilor Wolves SC, Noble Park (Makedonija), Plenty Valley Lions (Lerin FC), Preston Lions (Makedonija) SC, Sydenham Park (Makedonija) SC & Lalor (Sloga) United.

A gate fee of $5 per person will be charged, with these monies equally distributed amongst the competing clubs.


Pascoe Vale and Shepparton have both been invited and will participate in coming years. Pascoe Vale was unfortunately already committed to playing in the Moreland Cup with Shepparton not having enough time to prepare due to their late start to pre-season. Shepparton committee and supporters wish us all success sanctioning the tournament and informing us that they will attend the event in a spectator capacity this year. 


“Bringing the Macedonian Community together”

On Behalf of the following clubs:

Altona Magic (Vardar SC)                    

Geelong (Makedonija SC)

Keilor Wolves SC

Noble Park (Makedonija)

Plenty Valley Lions (Lerin FC)

Preston Lions (Makedonija) SC

Sydenham (Makedonija) SC

Lalor (Sloga) United

Pasco Vale (Pelister) Absent

Shepparton SC Absent